Millstones are relics of an agrarian society. The technology is older than the Bible, and often quoted. They were used to grind corn into corn meal, or grits. Symbols of the harvest and hospitality, they make great garden and patio focal points, markers, fountains, signs, you name it.  You should spend a lot of time on the millstones and landscaping portfolios: we've shipped these to a ton of talented designers across the country, and they've sent us a ton of pictures with great ideas. All the history that we know of is attached to eah one, And of course, we ship.  


Millstones range from diameters of 14 to 16 inches to as wide as 54 to 60 inches. For your convenience we have millstones grouped into size or size range categories. TIP: if you see something you like, add it to your Wish List, so you can compare several choices.

16 Water Filtration Balls, "clean" grade


16 Water Filtration Balls, "cue ball clean...


16 Water Filtration Balls, "dirty" grade


24 inch diameter millstone
24" Millstone from Albany, Georgia, #24002


26 in millstone
26" Grindstone from Cherry Log, Georgia, #...


Matched pair 26 inch sandstone millstones
26" Mated Pair from Sleepy Eye, Minnesota,...


26 inch granite set millstone
26" Millstone from Sevierville, Tennessee,...


26 inch sandstone set millstone
26" Millstone from Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, ...


26 inch sandstone runner millstone
26" Millstone from Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, ...


28 inch millstone
28" Grindstone from Montavallo, Alabama, #...


30 inch Millstone
30" Granite Millstone from Blue Ridge, #30003


30 inch Millstone
30" Millstone from Americus, Georgia, #30001