48 inch limestone French Buhr Runner Millstone

48" French Buhr Millstone from Galax, Virginia, #48017

CODE: 48017


In stock

A french buhr, imported from the Alsace Lorrain district of France. French buhrs were individually pieced together, banded and backed with plaster of paris to add weight, and these specific stones were coveted because of their ability to keep sharp edges and mill wheat, as opposed to corn. Assembled like a puzzle, they are pure artwork. From a mill in Galax/Carroll County, Virginia. It's a runner stone, 48 inches in diameter, a whopping 15 inches thick at the bosom, with a nice wide 9 inch spanish cross hewn into the face. Banded on edge. Nice quarter dress grooving pattern. Available with mate.

Weight approximately 2600 lbs.

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